"The caterer is the most important person on the set"

---Isaac Mizrahi

"Thank you so much! Everything was wonderful!"

---Oprah Winfrey, Oprah

"Just wanted to say --- that spinach/sunchoke salad you guys made today for the Vanity Fair/Ellen Von Unworth shoot was AMAZING.  Your food is always so good!"


"The food is so good even the models eat"

---Nell Campbell, Empressario

"It was so delicious, I kept some for dinner"

---Helena Christensen, Supermodel

"Not only is your food delicious. It's always different. I love it"

---George Lange

"Easily the best catering I've had in NY"

---Cynthia Bechet, North Six

"Everybody loves Better Being"

---Michele deMilly, Geto and deMilly

"Thanks for always making delicious meals. It seems you might actually want to make people happy and healthy. What a concept"

---left anonymously on set